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Svested provides a user-friendly, digital, and cloud-based platform to help startups manage their ESOP and equity (CapTable). In addition, we also offer advisory services to help startups in planning and setting up of ESOP. We empower ownership for every stakeholder in the company.


Antler is a global early-stage VC that is on a mission to fundamentally improve the world by enabling and investing in the world's most exceptional people building the defining companies of tomorrow.


Svested has shared our vision and insights on ESOP with the press to spread awareness of the benefits that ESOP brings to startups everywhere.

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With a mix of finance, tech and corporate background, we understand how to leverage the power of ESOP for company growth. We are determined to simplify this journey for founders and owners, enabling them to unlock benefits that proper ESOP planning can bring to the business.

Caspeh Peh, Svested CEO

Casper Peh
Chief Executive Officer

ESOP doesn't have to be tricky.
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