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We empower founders to better utilise Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) to attract and retain talent with our advisory services and user-friendly cloud based platform

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Working with you

01 Advisory and Setup

Understanding ESOP

We'll guide you through understanding key terms and features of an ESOP, like strike price, vesting, exercising and class of shares

ESOP Allocation

We’ll work with you to set up internal guidelines for share issuance based on seniority, function, and overall benefits

ESOP Documentation

We'll partner with law firms and corporate secretaries to help you get your plans approved and implemented

ESOP Dashboard

We’ll provide a user-friendly dashboard to ensure the seamless execution and management of ESOP

02 Execution and Management

Digital issuance of ESOP

Save the hassle of manually updating documents every time a new employee comes onboard

Electronic signing and tracking

Keep up-to-date with onboarding and offboarding of employees with digital signing and real-time status tracking

File management system

No need to worry about tracking or losing important documents with our integrated document and file management system


Dashboard access for both employer and employee so each party can track their ESOP status and progress

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ESOP?

An Employee Stock Option Plan—also known as ESOP—is an employment benefit that gives employees ownership in the company. It helps to foster a greater sense of belonging, loyalty, and also to align employees' interest with the company's interest.

What is the difference between ESOP and ESOS?

ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) works the same as ESOS (Employee Stock Option Scheme). Depending on the documentation that you follow, they can be worded interchangeably.

Why is ESOP important for me?

For companies, ESOP is a powerful tool to attract and retain talents. It encourages the employee to work towards a common goal for the company. ESOP provides employees with the opportunity to participate in the success of the company in the financial sense. 

What is vesting?

Vesting is the process where the options become valid. Typically, employees are offered stock options for a duration of four years. All the options are unvested and employees will need to “earn” these options over time. Employees are incentivise to perform well and stay with the company for this period.

Why Svested?

Svested is the only Southeast Asian company that specialises in end-to-end ESOP advisory and management. We work alongside startups throughout the entire journey, starting with the planning process and commercial advisory, coordinating with different partners such as lawyers and corporate secretaries to review and approve the plan, and onboarding the company to our user-friendly platform to administer and manage ESOP digitally.

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